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See for yourself what difference Practical Law Connect can make thomson Reuters Practical Law is a legal expertise that provides practical advice and wisdom to turn your research into action. More than 280 experienced lawyers and writers obsessively monitor changes to the law to ensure you have up-to-date resources to ask the questions you should ask and guide you through the process. More than 280 dedicated, full-time legal writers spend their days creating and maintaining the resources they desire while practicing. You create them in the framework that helps you quickly understand what`s important, why it`s important, and how you should proceed. In sports, it takes a proven game manual and a lot of practice to win. The same applies to legal practice. But there`s a big difference – in the law, the rules are constantly changing and you never know when you`re in uncharted territory. And while traditional legal research ensures you know what the law is and cite the right cases, it doesn`t give you the ideas and advice you need to get through these uncertain times. Then you need legal know-how. Blue Hill Research conducted interviews with organizations that were the first to adopt Practical Law Connect to determine why they chose to invest in the solution, including the issues that led them to make the investment, the value provided so far, and the next steps these organizations plan to take, whether it is to extend the use of the solution or a contraction. Within these limits, practitioners lacked effective control over legal expenses and faced significant barriers as they attempted to conduct legal research that shifted from traditional case-based research to the integration of practical legal advice.

Stop reinventing the wheel! Use Practical Law (available via Westlaw at Jenkins*) to find features such as standard documents and clauses, checklists, toolkits, legal updates, state-specific advice, and more. Westlaw International Materials provides access to non-UK legal documents. Coverage includes international legal documents from the ICJ and organizations such as WTO/GATT, WIPO, UNCITRAL. Access is also possible to primary and secondary sources of law such as case law, legislation and journal articles from different jurisdictions, including the EU, the US, Australia and Canada – and others. Jim Duffy is a research analyst at Blue Hill Research, specializing in enterprise risk management, compliance and policy management, and legal technology. Duffy wants to use his experience as a lawyer to translate the potential of new emerging technologies as tools to improve the efficiency of legal service delivery. Intuitive public folder search tool that collects accurate and transparent results about people and is designed for lawyer workflows. The efficiency gains achieved through a starting point for transactional tasks offer Practical Law Connect users the opportunity to perform additional value-added tasks and become a more cost-effective legal department. Whether you`re a solo lawyer or working in a legal department of a fortune 500 company, Practical Law has resources tailored to your needs. Discover the power of all your legal research tools in one place with Westlaw Edge, the smartest legal research service. Research participants indicated that the flexibility offered by task-based menus gave them the opportunity to delve into areas where they had little expertise and quickly identify changes in the legal or regulatory environment that were important to their particular organization and provide appropriate advice to their organizations.

Shortening the time it takes to complete a particular task allows a legal department to reduce legal fees for external consultants or free up time within the department to perform additional tasks. Time savings are closely linked to cost savings, especially within the company`s legal department. Eighty percent of research participants observed a noticeable improvement in the overall efficiency with which in-house lawyers are able to find the legal resources they need. Documents outside the UK can be accessed via the Westlaw International Materials link *Clients must be on-site in Jenkins to use Practical Law. Log in to Westlaw International Materials using your usual university ID. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email: Rick Buckingham Westlaw is an important legal database used in legal practice and for academic legal research. As a group, these factors have contributed to the significant obstacles faced by companies when trying to develop a more efficient and profitable legal department. Previously available research tools did not provide access to the breadth of information needed, so practitioners had to deal with multiple tools, review information through general and generalized Internet searches, or contact external consultants to obtain general research knowledge early in the process. Westlaw Edge UK provides access to UK jurisdiction, legislation and magazines. Books and other secondary sources of legal information, including: Many law firms rely on practical law to reduce wasted time (and billable hours). Jenkins` practical legal content includes real estate, business transactions, labor and employment, executive benefits and compensation, trusts and estates, intellectual property and technology, litigation, and settlement tables for fifty states.


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